Size Matters

If we had a rand for every cyclist we have seen hating this new adventure because they have borrowed a bike from somebody much bigger, or smaller, than them, we wouldn’t be writing this. Bike fit is so important to enjoying your riding – if your friend is six foot, and you are five-five, you would probably need to move the seat, and the steering wheel, when driving his car. So why does it seem like a good idea to borrow his spare bike and see if you will enjoy cycling? You won’t. Your back will hurt, your hands, arms and neck will hurt, and the bits that hit the ground first when you can no longer hang on to the behemoth will hurt the most. Most bike shops offer to size you up for the correct frame size. Some might charge, but will then do a full bike fit, which will be written off against your bike purchase if you get it from them. If you are buying second-hand, it is well worth checking with the experts as to what size you need to be looking for.

by Tim Brink, Editor at Ride.
Twitter: @timbrink, @ridemagazinesa

When buying your next bike visit , they will assist you in getting the correct bike size which will fit you perfectly! Also have a look at their Cycle Lab info brochure on more information for the right bike for you.

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