Solomons Primary Schools MTB Development Series #1

We are grateful for the very good weather we enjoyed on Saturday, 7 May 2016. The vision of Deon Steyn a few years ago with Schools Cycling made it possible that we could stage the event on Saturday. We had 109 entries in the following categories:

                                                                                   Boys              Girls

Sub-nippers              7 – 8 years                               4                      2

Nippers                      9 – 10 years                          23                      8

Sprogs                       11 – 12 years                        32                    13

Sub-juniors               13 – 14 years                        21                      6


                                                                                    80                    29

Thanks to our main sponsorship and the generous prizes for the first 5 riders in every category. We very much appreciate that Mr Arshad Dockrat and his wife personally handed out the lovely t-shirts and special medals to every kid who took part. The Solomons team gave glamour to the start / finish area with the display of bikes and other goodies. Their mechanics assisted with many problems with some of the participants’ bikes.

Hein Pienaar, his brother and team worked the whole of Friday to perfect the obstacles that were used to teach some bike skills. Their hard work and dedication were very visible through out Saturday. Without them the event would not be so successful.

The smooth running of the day can without any doubt be contributed to the voice of School Cycling, Alistair. He arrived at the event at 06H30 with his equipment and with only the minimum information he was on air for the most of the day. His friendly but professional way dealing with the kids are very much appreciated.

Anatomic and Ride provided the equipment to build the race track. Attie Koekemoer with his experience of 100 school events behind him was with great assistance as a  marshal at a very critical point.

We had the Visser family to handle the registration and finish with Johanna. They were ready from 06H00 and assist throughout the day. Hardie and Rolien were also of great assistance after the race to take down all the banners and other stuff that were used on the track. Anyone looking for people to organize cycle events, don’t look further!

The High School mountain cyclists from John Vorster Technical High School and Overkruin High School assisted with the training as well as the race of all the categories. Thanks to all of them.

Members of Friends of Magalies also assisted as marshals on the day. Most of the tracks were in the mountain behind the school which Friends of Magalies helped to preserve.

John Vorster Technical High School allowed us to use their facilities. Coordinating this was Marike Geyser. She with parents of their MTB team provided the refreshments. I could call Marike anytime of the day the past months to organize the event and she was always available, very friendly and helpful.

The Commissaire on the day made sure that the race was fun but fair. She reported that parents and riders were very cooperating and there were no complaints or protests.

 Thanks to everyone who contribute to the success of the day.

 See you all on 4 June 2016 at Wonderboom.

Heinrich Moldenhauer
Race Director

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